Which is the Best Battery Among Amaron and Exide For a Car in India?

Which is the Best Battery Among Amaron and Exide For a Car In India?

Automotive batteries are those batteries that are employed in your automobile vehicles. They are utilized to start the engine by rotating the starter motor. Thereby it also provides an electrical supply for all the electrically running appliances in your automobile. Almost everything except the engine that primarily runs on diesel or petrol completely relies on the battery.

Automotive batteries are generally rechargeable with lead storage cells. These lead batteries last about the duration of 3 to 6 years. But the battery life is dependent on how well you treat your automobile. Once the battery life is over, it is time to replace it, but which company should one choose?

You don’t have to go through the hassle of choosing it when you first buy your car. The dilemma is in the present now.

If you go through the Indian automotive battery companies, you might have come across at least one of these companies- Amaron battery dealers in Gurgaon and Exide car battery dealers. Both of them top the chart in the industry.

Choose  The Best Car Battery between Amaron and Exide

To consider which car battery is better, we need to state the requirements we demand of a good battery

Warranty is one of the most important features you consider when buying anything. Warranty does not only ensure the product is going to last for long but also guarantees the exchange in case something fails.

2. Reserve capacity (RC)
Reserve capacity of a battery is the capacity of the battery to keep the car running in case the alternator fails. Higher the Reserve capacity, the better it is.

3. Safety priorities
What differentiates one battery manufacturer from another is the concern they put towards their consumers. The better companies put a lot into design ensuring that the acid doesn’t leak. The acid leaks can cause a lot of damage not only to the car but can also be fatal to living organisms.

4. Resistance against climate
Climate is a huge thing in India, while it is burning hot one day, the other day is freezing. The battery should be able to endure this much change in the temperature and climate. Some batteries explode due to overheating in summer, prevention of this is something a good battery manufacturer would plan.

CCA is the ability of the battery to function at all temperatures. Many batteries, especially in the cold, fail to function just as efficiently. That means the engine doesn’t get a kick start, consider this on a really busy day. You are hurrying to reach your office but your car refuses to wake up from its deep slumber resulting from a lazy battery.

6Corrosion resistant design
Acid, by nature corrodes/ oxidizes many things. The corrosion reduces the battery life and quality by a lot, so make sure that this is one of the features you demand!

 Consider the Amaron battery comes with a warranty of 36 to 48 months, in terms of years it is three to four years! It is one of the best warranties the industry can offer.

Amaron battery in Gurgaon– depending on the model can cost anywhere between 3000 to 7000/- on average. This battery comes with the following features

● High heat tolerance
● High Reserve capacity
● Enhanced safety vents
● Vibration resistance
● Highest CCA (ability to run in cold climatic conditions)
● Comes with a good exchange policy

There are many Amaron battery dealers in the Gurgaon region. The sales of this battery reach peaks just like that of Exide car battery.

Exide car battery company produces batteries that come with two types of warranties- one with a guarantee of 18 months and 18 months of pro-rata based warranty (total 36 months/ 3 years). And the second type with 24 months of guarantee and 24 months of pro-rata based warranty (total of 48 months/ 4 years).

Exide is said to have a comparatively longer battery life proven by endurance tests.

Exide Car Battery Dealer Gurgaon can cost anywhere between 5000 to 10,000/- on average depending on the model. The features include:

● High cranking power
● Slow battery discharge
● Available in a factory charged condition
● Enhanced safety with help of filter did invent openings
● Spill-proof design
● Corrosion-resistant

Similar to Amaron battery, Exide car battery dealer Gurgaon have experienced a sales surplus in the recent past.

Now, we repeat the question. Which one of the two batteries is better, Amaron or Exide car battery? Well, if you live in a cold region, you might need a battery with higher CCA to power start your car. Then Amaron is a good choice in such a case. If you are an adventurous soul with many bumps on your road, you might consider an Exide car battery.

In conclusion, the choice is completely yours. And you might as well consider consulting battery dealers and professional ones who work in the field and find the best one for your car. Since the warranties are in a similar range, you might consider the exchange rate. The price is dependent on the models in both cases.

Specific model details are better consulted for. Make sure not to compromise on a battery. Batteries can either make your decade or wreak it. Whether it is an Amaron battery, an Exide battery, or a battery from another company, make sure you get it based on your requirements. Wishing you luck on your venture to find the perfect battery for your chariot. Be sure to seek assistance from the Manish Battery team to avail more information about this topic.