What Are The Qualities That The Best Luminous Inverter Battery Dealers In Gurgaon, India Must Possess

In today’s modern era, there is nothing we don’t have a substitute for. From food to electricity, everything around us has a substitute, a plan B, if you would.
So why would we not have a substitute for our electricity? As we are all well accustomed to, at times there is a possibility that our electricity gets cut out. The electricity board sometimes cuts off a sector’s electricity, etc for a while to maybe update or check that electricity line.

But What if You Don’t Want Your Election to be Randomly cut off?

This is where the substitute, plan B comes in. Inverters are a device that converts direct current and alternating current. They are devices that are used precisely during this situation when the light is cut off so that one can have electricity with them even through that situation. Thus, there is an immediate surge in demand for amaron inverter battery in the nation.

Inverters, since their invention is regarded as an extremely useful invention. They were a huge hit among the masses and immediately the markets were all about inverters.
With the major hit of inverters, the public eye soon caught another appliance that was as useful as an inverter, An inverter battery. An inverter battery was like backup power or charger that was used.

The battery not so long ago had become a hit and was used a lot in the commercial industry as backup power. Another use of this appliance is that it is used in households, as mentioned before, for utilizing a convenient energy source as a power source when the electricity is cut off.

The Need to Understand How Inverter Batteries Differ from Regular Batteries-

  1. Abuse-resistant- The batteries need to be abuse-resistant for safety and precautionary measures.
  2. Rugged- The batteries need to be rugged, an important feature, for the battery to work best.

They last for a considerably long period, although each has its time limit. The period usually depends on the guarantee provided by the company. It usually lasts as long as the guarantee period.

Although the Maintenance of the Battery Should be Top-Notch For the Battery to Remain in a Good Condition.
Some tips are:-

a. Do not under or overcharge the battery
b. The inverter battery shouldn’t be very hot at the end of the charge, but a normal warm is expected.
c. One should never operate a damaged battery
d. Charge the battery correctly and regularly to avoid any mishaps.
e. Read the instructions for the battery carefully, to avoid trouble.
f. One should ensure that when fully charged the charger switches to ‘float’ charge.

The Best Inverter Batteries to Purchase

Now, seeing this, one must ask what are the most recommended inverter batteries to buy. They are:-

  1. Exide Technologies – One of the most well-known brands in India is exide. It is regarded as a very trusted and reliable battery maker in India. Thus the brand requires thicker plates with 20% more electrons. It is built for heavy-duty use with relatively low maintenance. The warranty of this battery is 36 months.
  2. Luminous Red Charge RC 18000 150 AH- Another well-known brand is, Luminous. The red charge RC 18000 by the brand includes a lot of equipment, equipped with the best like advanced tubular plate technology, uninterrupted power supply, great overcharge tolerance, and user friendly. The appliance is very ideal for heavy-duty applications and as mentioned before has a phenomenal overcharge tolerance.
  3. Amaron UPS Battery in Gurgaon – The next well-known brand we have is, Amaron Inverters. The appliance, a major hit among the population has excellent features and is extremely equipped. It has a heavy tolerance for heavy power loads, with its batteries made out of high heat-tolerant calcium and alloys. The product also has easy and fast charging, requiring a very low lead reserve. The appliance also requires a low lead reserve. The warranty of this brand is 48 months.
  4. Luminous Red Charge RC 25000 200 AH – Another battery by the previously mentioned company, luminous is Luminous Red Charge RC 25000 200 AH. It is an extremely useful and great appliance with various equipped features like fast battery charging, and the tall tubular battery being explicitly made for heavy-duty load-bearing. The inverter is purposely made rugged for it to last longer. The battery as previously mentioned is fast battery charging with six water level indicators. This appliance requires considerably mediocre maintenance.
  5. V Guard VT165 152AH Tall Tubular Inverter Battery – Another well-known brand is, V guard. It is a very well-known brand with features such as long hours of a power outage, backup range of the battery is 3hrs and 30 mins to 54 hrs. It is relatively cheap and has a warranty of 3 yrs, coming with an additional warranty of 18 months.
  6. Luminous Shakti Charge SC 18054 150 AH – Another type of battery coming out of this very well-known brand is Luminous Shakti Charge SC 18054 150 AH. It is a very innovative battery with robust features and a tubular battery with six-level water indicators. The appliance has a corrosion-resistant battery with a very meager maintenance cost and fast charging ability. The warranty on this product is 54months.
  7. Exide Industries 150 AH – Another product coming out of this brand is Exide industries 150 AH. The product is said to be upgraded over the years with advanced technology and equipped features. The product is very user-friendly and has an easy handle. It is also very safe to use, seeing as there’s been no battery leakage experienced. The warranty on this product is 36 months.

Although these were the best inverter batteries in India, according to research, there are more batteries like okaya inverter batteries, amaron inverter batteries, etc.
Luminous inverter batteries are the most preferred in the country, with the majority of its dealers being in Gurgaon, India. So what are the qualities that the best luminous inverter battery dealers in Gurgaon, India must possess?

 Proper disclosure- A dealer must disclose all the requirements and features of the products. Nothing should be hidden from the customers.
● Guarantee- The guarantee and the warranty cards must be provided to the customer. They should not be cheated off in this sphere.
 Variety- A dealer should have a variety for the customer to select from.

Therefore These were Some of the qualities that dealers must keep in mind.

Although there are various dealers in the Gurgaon district, one of the best is the Manish battery. Manishbattery is an online business that is solely dedicated to battery products. They have a variety of brands for the customers to choose from- Exide, okaya, luminous, and amaron. They have unique products with great quality and also have a 30-day return. They have a moderate price range, with a very easy exchange. Therefore, it is essential that you consult with professionals to know more about amaron inverter battery and their prices in India.