Is Amaron and Exide Same?

Which Battery is Best Amaron or Exide For Home

Every car owner is aware of the importance of car battery of high quality. Settling car batteries that are not of high quality can create many problems for the car owner. Amaron and Exide are two of the biggest names in the world of car batteries in India.

You can find both these batteries sold by most car battery dealers in India. Some Exide car battery dealer Gurgaon also sell Amaron car batteries.

If you own a car, you might wonder if Amaron and Exide are the same. While both are two of the most reputed car battery brands in India, you can help yourself by knowing about this fact.

What are the Qualities of a Good Car Battery

A good car battery is essential for smoothly driving a car. If a car owner chooses a good car battery, they do not have to stress about the car’s performance getting lowered. Here are some of the qualities of a good car battery:

1) Extended Life

A good car battery will always have extended life for itself. A car battery with high life will ensure that the car owner does not have to worry about it being dead for a long time.

The car owner has to spend a considerable amount of money on the car battery. A car battery with an extended life will also ensure that the car owner does not have to worry about spending too soon on a new car battery.

Exide and Amaron car batteries have long lives and easily fulfil this criterion.

2) Protection Against Climate Changes

A good car battery will always provide good protection against climate change. Often car batteries that are not of high quality get affected badly when there is a severe change in the climate. Car batteries of a high standard will have solid endurance against climate change.

It does not matter if the weather is too hot or too cold, a good car battery will not go down in quality. Many Indians live in regions that may experience extreme hot or cold climates (or both). The car owner should not have to stress about the car battery’s condition when there is an extreme climatic change.

Amaron car batteries are more tolerant to cold weather and are well-known for this benefit. You can buy Amaron batteries from Amaron car battery dealers in Gurgaon.

If you are looking for a specific variety of Amaron car batteries, the Amaron Quanta SMF battery is recommended.

3) Strong Manufacturing

A car battery that is manufactured with a strong design can help car owners in many ways.
All roads are not the same. Often time people who drive cars have to do so on a road that may be rough or uneven. A car battery that is not designed strongly can break down when the car is being driven on the road in poor condition.

This can be very frustrating for the car owner. A car battery with a strong build won’t get hampered if the car is driven on irregular or potholed roads.

Exide car batteries are better in this regard and are famous for their strong structure. If you are interested in purchasing an Exide car battery, you can do so from an Exide car battery dealer.

4) Warranty

Car batteries with a long warranty period are always ideal for car owners. Having a warranty for the car battery can give peace of mind to the car owner. Having a warranty for a car battery ensures it will stay functional for a long time. If a problem occurs with the car battery, it can be easily replaced with a new one if it is still under the warranty period.

If a car battery does not have a long warranty, it can be bad for the car owner. First, it does not give a guarantee that the car battery will function for an extended period. Secondly, the car owner won’t get the benefit of getting a new car battery for free if their old one encounters any problem, such as damage.

Both Exide and Amaron car batteries have a long warranty period. If you want to buy an Exide car battery, an Exide car battery dealer Gurgaon can help you with it.

5) Affordability

Affordability is a crucial factor to consider while purchasing a car battery. While it is not recommended to settle for a car battery just because it’s cheap, a car battery sold at a reasonable cost benefits most car owners. Car owners can financially benefit if they buy an affordable car battery.

Both Exide and Amaron car batteries are affordable. Many Exide car battery dealers Gurgaon sell both Exide and Amaron car batteries.

6) Rust proof

A car battery getting rusted can be a huge problem for car owners. Removing the rust from the car can become difficult. It involves a lot of hassle. Car batteries which protect against rust are great for car owners.

A rusted car battery can significantly decrease the effectiveness of the car. This is one of the last things car owners would want for themselves.

Exide and Amaron are both rust-proof car batteries, which is one of the many reasons they are so popular.

Amaron or Exide: Which is Better?

If you are wondering whether Amaron or Exide is the better car battery, the answer is that they are both great. Amaron and Exide are both some of the topmost-selling car batteries in India. And there is a good reason for this. Both Amaron and Exide car batteries are of excellent quality.

The car battery you want to buy out of these two depends on your choice. It does not matter what you choose; you will be satisfied with its quality.


Both Amaron and Exide are great car batteries. While each has its share of unique strengths, you can trust both of them and choose from either of the two.