Exide inverter battery dealers in Gurgaon

Exide Inverter Battery Dealers in Gurgaon 

In today’s world, nobody can imagine a day without electricity as you are bound with electrical appliances whether you are at home where you have a tv, fridge, ac, washing machine, etc. that needs electricity to run or in the office. For the ultimate demand of electricity all the time, you require inverters as a backup for continuous supply during any disturbance in electric supply. Inverters require batteries, and you can find the right one from Exide inverter battery dealers in Gurgaon.

Exide manufactures an extensive range of batteries for inverters, cars, and more. In the year 2022, in May, the company gets the honour of being one of “The sustainable economic organizations.” Besides, the company reported a 16 % sales growth in the last quarter of the financial year 2021-2022. Currently, the company is one of the biggest companies in India for storage batteries and gives the vastest range of both conventional and VRLA batteries. Apart from the Indian market, the company also sells its product to Southeast Asian countries and the European region.

Exide UPS Battery in Gurgaon

A UPS is an electrical device that gives emergency power backup to electrical appliances when the input power source fails. The main difference between the other modes of emergency power backup options like generators and UPS is that the device protects the electrical appliances from power interruptions. Usually, people use UPS to protect computers, telecommunication equipment, and other electrical devices, which can cause injuries, damage, data loss, etc., from sudden power loss.

The UPS has a specific battery that provides it with the energy to run on and give the emergency backup. Every electrical aperture needs some time to switch between the primary power source and alternate power source during current failure. Those few moments are crucial for everyone in important organizations like hospitals and banks. UPS plays a vital role in that time and saves the time the devices switch their power resources. 

In Exide inverter battery dealers in Gurgaon, you will easily find the right type of Exide ups batteries for your convenience. Among many UPS batteries, VRLA, sealed, wet, or flooded batteries are best. Those batteries need minimum maintenance and give you a smooth power supply and long-term protection for about 20 years.

Exide Battery Authorized Dealer in Gurgaon

In any office, UPS plays a vital role in providing an uninterrupted power supply to protect computers, telecommunication systems, and other electrical devices from sudden power loss. UPS mainly gets energy from batteries, and you can find a suitable one from the Exide battery authorised dealer in Gurgaon. But after installing the battery, you can follow some tips to maintain the UPS system along with the battery correctly and get the best result. Here is a list of information you may try to keep the batteries.

  • Keep the UPS system in a cool and dry place.
  • The area must be clean all time and devoid of dust particles, moisture, water spillage, chemicals, rodents, etc
  • Keep the system away from direct sunlight and any hot objects.
  • Connect the specific electric apertures with the UPS, which is suitable for
  • While connecting any load, check the capacity before connection so that your UPS doesn’t become overload

Exide Car Battery Dealer

A car battery is a type of battery that provides a certain amount of energy to start the car. Generally, the car battery transfers power to the engine to use chemical energy to move the vehicle. Besides creating the engine, car batteries also provide energy to use electrical appliances such as headlights, music systems, and wipers in the car. The battery of a vehicle can be either wet or dry type, but they both are lead-acid batteries and will have lead and lead oxide plates. They will also have electrolytes contained in a case of polypropylene.

From an Exide car battery dealer, you can get the correct battery for your vehicle. But at the time of purchasing, you must also know about the function of the battery in a car. So, let’s check out the various aspects of it.

  • Starting your car’s engine– is the essential task of the battery. When you turn the key or push the start button, the battery converts the chemical energy present in it into electrical energy and spreads that to other components of the car.
  • Helps the ignition system -during starting time of your car, the battery starts your engine and the ignition system of the vehicle. The battery turns on the security system and links electricity to every possible aspect of your car. You can notice any trouble if present in the energy system at that moment. When the engine is stopped, the battery gives the energy to run the electrical features like lights, music, etc.
  • Acts as a voltage regulator – in some cases, electric devices in the car may produce excess voltage, cause damage to the vehicle, and even generate fire. But modern batteries can absorb some amount of that excessive voltage and protect the car. For the battery system, your vehicle remains protected from unwanted excessive voltage.

Exide Car Battery Dealer Gurgaon

Currently, you can see different types of car batteries on the market. They are mainly divided upon the power usage of a car because the latest cars have additional power requirements. And to cater to those needs, batteries also come in variable types and sizes. You can get all kinds of car batteries at Exide inverter battery dealers in Gurgaon. Here is a short note on the types of car batteries.

  • Flooded lead acid battery (wet cell)

The most common, oldest, and the most affordable car battery is the flooded lead acid battery, called the SLI battery. It is a wet cell battery having six cells filled with an electrolyte solution of water and sulphuric acid. The battery provides 12.6 V voltage at full charge. You can rely on the battery for starting the engine, which gives sufficient energy for the vehicle’s electrical devices.

  • Silver calcium battery 

The battery enhanced the technology used in making the flooded lead acid battery. The battery is also a lead-acid type but uses the lead-calcium silver plates beside the old lead antimony plates used in the conventional variety. In addition, it is a sealed type and devoid of maintenance. As a result, the battery is suitable for hotter climate areas.

  • Enhanced flooded battery(EFB)

EFB is a higher-performance wet cell type battery that uses liquid electrolytes and sealed type. The battery gives about 85000 engine cranks, higher than conventional flooded batteries. Generally, cars having easy start and stop techniques use the battery.


Apart from that, there are other batteries like gel cell batteries, deep cycle batteries, and many more for your car. You can opt for the best battery at the Exide car battery dealer Gurgaon.