Best Luminous inverter Battery Dealers in Gurgaon

Inverter batteries are required for different purposes if there is no power supply in the house. It may be required to run a single fan or a TV, or multiple appliances in a house. If you are choosing an inverter battery, try to select the best one that can meet the power requirements of your house. The quality of the inverter battery is the primary thing to consider; a low-quality battery will fail to show perfection.

Luminous is the market leader in providing the best quality inverter batteries for the home. It is one of the leading companies serving more than 11 million families. If you are looking for the best luminous inverter battery dealers in Gurgaon, you can option for to get the best deal.

Luminous has made much progress since it began with just 40,000 rupees and a 600-square-foot space. Now it has a 2000-crore empire with more than 6000 employees. With its high-quality power backup options and other related appliances, Luminous has a firm grip on the Indian market. Because of this, it has more than one-third of the inverter segment’s total market share.

About Luminous Inverter Battery

Luminous inverter batteries are one of the leading inverter batteries provided by Luminous Power technologies. It is mainly designed for long and frequent power cuts and has a high battery capacity. Various Luminous inverter batteries are available in the market with power ranging from 100 Ah to 220Ah.


Tips for Choosing the Best Luminous Inverter Battery in Gurgaon

By selecting the best luminous inverter battery, the user can get the best results. A good inverter battery provides an efficient power supply for a long time. Some methods to choose the best luminous inverter battery are :

 Check the Quality of the Inverter Battery (For Long-Term Usage) 

The first and foremost thing to consider in choosing an inverter battery is its quality. To get quality inverter batteries, you have to find the best battery dealers in Gurgaon. A good quality inverter battery will be long-lasting if maintained properly. The user will not face any power issues, and the battery will not create any other issues until its term. In contrast, a low-quality inverter battery will create trouble and only last for a few months. It can leak, cause circuit breaks, and can damage your household wiring system. So, buy a luminous inverter battery after checking the company-certified warranty.

• Find the Required Battery Capacity

The next step is to find the inverter battery’s capacity. Most of all inverter batteries, the battery voltage range is 12 V. For higher inverter capacities like 24 V; it requires 2 batteries of 12 V each. A wide range of battery capacities is available in the market, from which you can choose your requirement.

• Select the Best Luminous Inverter Battery
Based on the power requirements, Luminous provides different types of inverter batteries. They are fast charging, lightweight, and easy to use. Such batteries are available at a cheap rate, but they can only be used for a short time. The warranty period is also low.

• Flat Plate Battery

Areas with minimal and frequent power cuts can use a flat plate battery. They are fast charging, lightweight, and easy to use. Such batteries are available at a cheap rate, but they can only be used for a short time. The warranty period is also low.

• Tubular Battery

If your area has long power cuts, you can use tubular batteries. They are large inverter batteries that will provide a power supply for a long time. Tubular batteries are long-lasting with longer warranty periods and are available at an affordable price. Such batteries come in various sizes, like short tubular and tall tubular. Short tubular inverter batteries are easy to store and carry, as it is smaller in height. Tall tubular inverter batteries can be used in places where storage space is not a constraint.

• Gel Battery

Gel batteries provide a power supply more than all other lead-acid batteries. It is an environmental inverter battery, thus providing a healthy environment. Such batteries will have a long life span and are easy to install. Another advantage of using such inverter batteries is that there is no need for water top-up for its entire life cycle.

Even though they are costly compared with other inverter batteries, their cost is decreasing day by day.

• Check the Price Requirements

Price is another important factor that plays a major role in finding the best luminous inverter battery. Some people often look for inverter batteries at a low cost, but it is not the right choice. With price comes quality, So, don’t opt for very low price inverter batteries. It will not work properly and can cause leakage. Most such batteries will not last for long. Try to find luminous inverter batteries at an affordable price; It will benefit you in many ways.

You can find affordable Luminous inverter battery price in Gurgaon via The price range for Luminous inverter batteries ranges from Rs 8,000 to Rs 21,000 or more. The price variation is based on the life span, type of battery, and capacity. 

Even though they are costly compared with other inverter batteries, their cost is decreasing day by day.

Other Things to Consider to Find the Best Luminous Inverter Battery, Dealers

• Warranty

The company provides a warranty to prove the efficiency of its products. Any defect of inverter batteries under the warranty period will be repaired for free. All Luminous inverter batteries come with a warranty. Various kinds of warranties are offered for batteries with different capacities. In common, all Luminous inverter batteries come with 61-75 months of the warranty period. 

• Safety Measures

The inverter battery provider must follow certain safety protocols. If it is not followed properly, then the user’s house is in danger. The battery should be manufactured with the necessary safety requirements to not cause any damage or other problems to the house. The user should check all such things for safety.


Luminous is a leading producer of best-quality inverter batteries. This article discusses finding the best luminous inverter battery dealers in Gurgaon. By keeping all the points mentioned here, you can find the right dealer; is one of the best options.