Best Exide Car Battery Authorised Dealer in Gurgaon

Best Exide Car Battery Authorised Dealer in Gurgaon

Car battery better known as an automobile battery is considered the heart and soul of a car. A rechargeable battery used to start a motorcar is known as a car battery. Its main objective is to deliver an electric current to an electrically driven vehicle that in turn begins the chemically-powered internal explosion engine.

The power of the battery is provided even when the engine is running. Less than 3% of the battery power is used in the starting. The average battery life is 3 to 5 years but it also depends on the engine usability and exposure. There are several top-quality car battery dealers in Gurgaon.

How Does a Car Battery Work?

Working of the car battery involves 5 steps which are: –

1.Starting a car with a battery.
2.Power supplied by a battery.
3.Cold-cranking amps
4.Recharging of battery
5.How does a car battery die?

Starting of a Car by a Battery: – 

A car battery supplies power to the car. It is a part of system software. Its working is: –

●Press on the ignition switch after putting the key.
●Electrical current is passed to the starter relay. It causes a pair of contacts to lose.
●Voltage is sent to the starter motor by battery.

Power Supplied by a Battery: –

By turning the ignition, the acid in the liquid electrolyte solution reacts with the plates’ active material. Active material refers to the substance which discharges or recharges the battery by reacting with the solution.

Cold-Cranking Amps: – 

The power supplied by a battery in 30 seconds at a low temperature is called cold-cranking amps. More power is required for larger engines.

Recharging of Battery: – 

The battery is recharged by an alternator while driving. Electrical current is generated by the alternator belt to run the vehicle’s electronics.

How Does a Car Battery Die?

When the battery is discharged after using it for a long time while driving for electronics, the battery dies. When you use the battery to run electrical systems, while the engine is off it results in deep discharging.

Types of Car Batteries:

1.Starting, Lighting, and Ignition Batteries (SLI)

It provides all the electronics like exterior and interior lights apart from starting the car. SLI batteries have a short charge cycle. These batteries can deliver power in a brief break of time like in a starter electric motor and are composed of 6 galvanic cells directed in a series format that built a system. 2.1 volts of power is provided by each cell to deliver a total output of 12.6 volts.

2.Lithium-ion (li-on) Batteries

It is mostly utilized in PHEVs and is amongst the most underrated batteries of the lot. It is a little more costly than a conventional lead-acid battery. It has become well known over the recent years. This battery significantly stores more charge than other batteries and is less in weight compared to other batteries. They have a longer life span of about 5-10 years.

3.Lead-acid batteries

These batteries have low maintenance and are sealed so they cannot be serviced like other batteries, only can be changed.

How To Establish that the Battery is too Old

The four or five-digit data code can be checked on the cover of the batteries. The shipping time of the battery from the factory to the local store could be told from the first part of the code consisting of a letter and a digit in the code. The place where the battery was made can be told by the additional digits in the code.

The average battery life of the car is 3 to 5 years. You can also determine if the battery is too old by looking for signs such as the battery looking swollen and low engine crank of low fluid level. For the long life of the battery, one should turn the headlights and interior light off when not driving. If you are looking for car batteries, exide car battery authorised dealer in Gurgaon or Amaron car battery dealers in Gurgaon are suitable options.

Can the Charging System be Harmed by the Bad Battery?

Yes, the charging system can be damaged if the bad battery is not taken care of because these parts compensate for the low working of the battery and further destroy the other parts. The charging parts draw excessive voltage for the low battery power. Thus the battery should be tested so that you know what the main problem is and the harm which is to be caused is taken care of

How To Look Out of the Car Battery

Room temperature has a huge impact on battery life and performance. Liquid electrolyte solution for holding the charge is used in most batteries and is affected by the hot and cold weather. A battery gets frozen in extremely low temperatures but significant cold weather can lower the performance of the battery. In winters battery heaters should be used to keep your batteries warm.

Every driver deals with a dead battery for once and the easiest way to get it recharged is by jump-starting. For jumpstarting a car a pair of safety goggles, a set of jumper cables, and rubber work gloves are needed.

How to Know that Your Alternator is not Giving Enough Electricity to the Battery

When the flickering of lights starts it means that the battery is drained and is not providing enough power or when you start the car and it’s starting and then stops it means that the alternator is not charging the battery properly.

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