Authorized Car Battery Dealers in Gurgaon 

Car Battery is a crucial component of the car. A car battery supplies power to different components of the car. There are certain factors that you have to consider while buying a car battery. You will not invest in your car battery frequently. 

If you reside in and around Gurgaon, you will get many car battery suppliers, but you should choose the best among amaron car battery dealers in GurgaonBefore you search for an authorized car battery dealer, you should know the factors based on which the price of the car battery varies.

Important Functions of Car Batteries

To choose the best car battery brand from authorized car battery dealers in Gurgaon, you must know the functions car batteries perform. 

  • The powerhouse of the car: A car battery is a cubical container having a chemical mixture along with positive and negative plates. The battery generates power and stores it so that different components of the car can use it. 
  • Powers the ignition system: A car battery has to be full to start the ignition system. When you use the ignition key or the ignition button, a signal is sent to the car battery. It initializes the chemical reaction within the battery and produces an electric current to power the car’s engine.  
  • Runs electrical system- The car battery is responsible for the working of various electrical components of the car. With technological advancements, new components are getting added to our automobiles that require electricity. An efficient car battery ensures the perfect working of these components. 
  • Regulates voltage- a sudden increase in power can damage the electronic components of a car. A car battery helps prevent damage to the electronic components by regulating the power when there is a sudden change.

Things to Consider while Buying a Car Battery

The amaron car battery dealers in Gurgaon offer a wide array of choices to their customers. Price is an important factor in buying a car battery. You should know the important factors to consider when you are searching for a car battery with long life, high functionality, and affordable price. 

Reserve Capacity: Talk to your dealer to find out the reserve capacity of the car battery. You should buy a car battery that has reserve capacity as required by your car’s make. The reserve capacity of a car’s battery indicates the time period for which the battery will be able to support different electrical components of the car when the engine is turned off. 

Maintenance: Car batteries that require maintenance needs servicing every six months. There are some car batteries that do not require maintenance because they have liquid electrolytes within batteries that do not require replacement. 

Date of manufacture: You should always check the manufacturing date of the car battery to prevent your car from getting damaged. The car battery should not have a manufacturing date older than three months from the date you are purchasing them. 

Cold Cranking amps-: This is an important factor to be checked if you stay in extremely cold places. Due to the very low temperature, the engine oil becomes semi-solid, and the vehicle cannot get started. CCA or Cold Cranking Amps is the power that the car battery supplies to the engine to start it. So, car batteries in colder regions should have a high CCA rating. 

Warranty: You should always ask for a car battery with an extended warranty so that you can get free repairs or replacements if there are issues with the battery.

Some of the Best Car Batteries from Authorized car battery Dealers in Gurgaon

1. Okaya

Okaya offers a wide array of choices to car battery buyers. Okaya car batteries are suitable for all types of applications. They produce eco-friendly, recyclable batteries. So, batteries have a long life, and wastage is minimized. The best-selling Okaya car battery in the market is the Okaya Wheelz car battery 35 Ah. It has a 12-V capacity. These batteries are suitable for all types of four-wheelers. They come with a two-year warranty. Manish Battery is recognized as the best place to get high-quality Okaya inverter batteries that come with a warranty period

2. Luminous

The main product portfolio of Luminous is car and inverter batteries. Luminous car batteries can meet the demands of all electrical components of a vehicle. The car batteries from Luminous use silver alloy technology. So, they have better power, high corrosion resistance, and longer life. The grid structure designs of luminous batteries keep them working even in extreme weather conditions. Manish Battery in offers competitive Luminous inverter battery price in Gurgaon.

3. Amaron

You will get plenty of Amaron Car Battery dealers in Gurgaon. Amaron is one of the most popular car batteries in India. After Exide, Amaron batteries are the largest-selling batteries in India. Most Amaron battery dealers Gurgaon suggest their customers buy the AmaronGo-BH 38B20R car battery. This popular car battery has high reserve capacity, high heat tolerance, and high vibration resistance. This battery has compact size and has high corrosion resistance. 

4. Tata Green

 If you ask for a reliable car battery from authorized car battery dealers in Gurgaon, they will definitely suggest you Tata Green car batteries 1419511267 series. It is one of the best car batteries in the Indian Market. They have a corrosion-resistant grid design and high resistance to heat. 

5. Exide

If you are looking for the best car battery in the market, you should get in touch with the Exide battery authorized dealer in GurgaonExide has a wide array of choices to offer to the buyers of car batteries. The most popular car battery from  is the Exide Matrix Mtred 45L 45AH. It is lightweight, compact, uses a Ca-Ca alloy system, and has enhanced battery life. 

Well, battery plays an important role in your automobile. So, you must choose your car battery wisely.