Manish battery is an online battery dealers in Gurgaon dedicated solely to offering the best battery products and unrivaled customer service. The store sells authentic Inverters, Inverter Batteries, Car Batteries, Ups Batteries, and Smf Batteries online. Not only does our business have the best and highest-quality batteries, but we also have professional experts in our team who assist consumers in finding the most suitable batteries for their needs. 

You can buy any car battery or inverter battery from well-known car battery dealers in Gurgaon that deal with a wide range of brands such as Manish Battery. These are the companies in which we deal and assure customers as well to buy batteries of these copies. In comparison to inverter battery dealers in Gurgaon and UPS battery dealers in Gurgaon, we hope to establish a distinct brand image by providing clients with a comprehensive choice of batteries, as well as free home delivery, quick delivery, and installation in a matter of hours. We also offer a 30 days return policy as per the consumer’s needs. 

Manishbattery in Gurgaon provides a wide range of services that meet the needs of clients, from low-cost batteries to professional installation. No matter what type of automobile, inverters, or UPS you have, we have batteries for almost all of them. Are you searching for a new battery to substitute your old one? You can also buy fresh from us at a reduced price using our guaranteed exchange service.




About me


Manish Battery is Gurgaon’s leading online battery retailer, offering vehicle batteries, inverter batteries, and inverters, among other products. Are you looking for a car battery or an inverter battery to buy online? Manish Battery is a one-stop shop that sells 100 percent authentic car/inverter batteries from all major battery brands in India, whether they be Amaron, Exide, Luminous and Okaya inverter battery or any other top brand.

Manish Battery has several years of experience in this field, which helps us to know the concerns of consumers looking for car/inverter/ups batteries online and provide the best answer for them. We’re dedicated to providing help as well as a wide range of products at a price that is both competitive and unmatched. We also deal with many amaron car battery dealers in Gurgaon as well.

Some clients who are considering buying auto batteries online are concerned about the after-sales service. We want to make it obvious that automotive batteries do not require any kind of maintenance; charging the battery will only aid in cases such as alternator failure, standby mode, and so on. There is no way to reuse or refurbish a battery. If you’re looking to best battery dealers in Gurgaon online, look no farther than Manish Battery, your one-stop shop for all your needs.

  • Guaranteed lowest price – Our batteries are supplied at the lowest possible cost. Any high-street price will be beaten.
  • A variety of brand names – We have a large assortment of standard batteries on stock, including all of the major brands.
  • Products that are completely unique – Only the most prestigious companies will give you genuine, high-quality goods. In regards to quality, we follow very strict guidelines.
  • Simple to use credit card methods – We accept payment through credit as well as debit cards, online payment platforms, Cash-on-Delivery, online banking, and EMI as well as other payment options.
  • 30 days return  – Customers can return easily with our 30 days return policy if customers feel even a little bit of dissatisfaction.



You can buy car battery in Gurgaon as we can deliver there also. However, we are currently offering excellent discounts on superior batteries, which will not only save your income but will also prevent your motor from serious damage.


Inverter batteries are among the most helpful batteries on the marketplace, especially for housing buildings’ domestic equipment. The key factors that would need to be examined in this topic are the requirements of all devices.


The battery helps a UPS system by acting as just a backup power supply. The lead acid batteries are the most common battery system to use with UPS. The battery bank is indeed an essential component of a UPS.

Why Choose Us


Manish Battery, being a reputed company in this field, provides you the best and the most genuine product on which you can rely. The primary objective of our company is to gain 100% customer satisfaction which can only be achieved by offering top quality products and services.


We offer the products at the best possible prices, which are pocket as well as budget-friendly to our customers. Since we have direct connections from manufacturers so there is no additional cost charged.


When you purchase a product from our company, you don’t have to worry about the transportation service. We provide free home delivery services to our customers.

24 x 7 Support

Our customers don’t have to wait for a specific period of time for services, our company offers 24*7 support services to our customers, which suits their precision time.

Better Opportunities

Our customers have an opportunity to choose products from a variety of models, brands, and sizes. Customers don’t have to worry about the availability of products that they need.

Easy Exchange

Our company also has a policy for easy exchange of goods, if there is any defective product delivered to you, it would be exchanged for with a new one and delivered at your doorstep.